The Awards 2014! It’s Chad Sexington et al!


It’s a new year. With new smells. And a chance to make all-new mistakes. But before that, lets look back at 2014 and hand out the awards that gets all of Hollywood hot under the Botox. Yes, the podcast that couldn’t be killed, either by cancer or apathy, hands out The JTs amidst a review of 2014. There’ll be tears, laughter, frustration and regret. Then we’ll start the podcast. It’s a show that will amuse and bemuse in equal measure, before leaving you wondering ‘Did Liz get the ironing finished?’

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Finally, a true christmas classic! Schwarzenegger shows the rest of the acting fraternity how its done. “It” being getting maced in the face and punching a reindeer.  Plus, Troy McClure tries to seduce his wife and there’s Sinbad the Postman to contend with in Jingle All The Way! Plus we talk about submarine thriller Black Sea and have a pleasant reminisce about childhood Christmases and Taylorson’s beloved typewriter. And if you’re a fan of terrible, terrible impressions, you’ve come to the right place. Merry Christmas everyone!

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Eye-poppin’ festive fun!


As Santa starts to fill his sack and ready the sleigh, dire festive film 2 of 3 is discussed.  *SPOILERS* Its terrible.  Really, really terrible.  It’s Black Christmas. Not original. The remake. The terrible, terrible remake. So, bake yourself a batch of flesh-cookies and hang another string of eyeballs on the Christmas tree. There’s also a Horrible Bosses 2 review and Jones finally learns where maple syrup comes from after all these years…

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World’s most pissed-off snow cone!


Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg! Its that time of the year again. Well, almost. And what better time of the year than Christmas time to watch and review a terrible movie? A terrible, terrible movie. But before we get to that, there’s a cat taking a dump in the litter tray, reviews of Interstellar, The Drop, The Imitation Game and Mockingjay. Plus a couple of documentaries and some worthy black n’ white thing that Taylorson slept through. There’s also a quiz! Because everyone loves hearing two other people take part in a quiz. Ahem. But THE BULK of the podcast is dedicated to the 1997 ultra-ultra-low budget bollocks Jack Frost. Be warned, its terrible. But we did laugh.

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What is dead may never die…erm, whatever,…WE’RE BACK!


You thought they were gone. You were right. But now they’re back. Like a boomerang. Or an enthusiastic dog with a ball. Or that strange rash in a personal area. And in this episode, the chaps look back over the past few months and let you know what they’ve been watching. In between bouts of uncontrollable hysterics and asides about Gordon Kaye. And to round it off, a horror quiz! What more can the people want? This podcast never to have returned? Shut up, you.

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The JT Movie Podcast may have ended, but its spirit lives on! Kinda! One half of the JT is working hard on a new venture, a disaster movies podcast called ‘The Dog Never Dies!’ which you can find at as well as on Facebook and Twitter. If you’ve enjoyed the JT Movie Podcast, be a sport and give The Dog Never Dies! a follow 🙂

Time tooooooo say goooodbyyyyyye…

The Final Episode – At some point everything, everywhere ends. In a short finale, the chaps tie up a few loose ends by running through reviews of Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For, Lucy and One Day in September. And we bid all our listeners a fond farewell and many thanks for taking the time to listen in the first place. However, from the ashes of the JT Movie Podcast comes…something else. Mr Taylorson is returning; going solo. In a matter of days will come forth ‘The Dog Never Dies – The Disaster Movies Podcast’. A passionate celebration of on-screen catastrophe. Already on Twitter at @thedogneverdies and soon to Facebook and, of course, iTunes…

Sincere thanks to all our listeners and the friends we have made over the last year and a bit 🙂

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Dead? No. I just hurt my back, I’m not dead.


It’s another multi-sensory outdoor spectacular this week, featuring special guest presenter THE WIND, who seems intent on making everything completely inaudible. If only we could have foreseen that it might be windy by the sea… Between the blustering crackles come reviews of brainless action bollocks The Expendables 3 and psychological horror Jacob’s Ladder. And nestled between the reviews like a stray peanut that’s fallen into an ample cleavage there’s a fabulous Sylvester Stallone quiz. So, grab yourself a 99 cornet and apply the sun cream because we’re taking you to the beach to talk films and be mildly intimidated by seagulls for THE JT MOVIE PODCAST, EPISODE 63!

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No one cares about the man in the box, the man who disappears…


We do take you to all the finest places. Continuing our theme of ‘podcasting on location’, this week we’re broadcasting from… *drumroll*…in the car, parked outside the Tees Valley Chinese Community Centre! And later, there’s a podcasting first as we podcast in a moving vehicle. Hmm, sounds seedy when it’s written down…Anyway! First up from the vault, it’s time to catch a bullet, chisel off a couple of fingers and ask David Bowie to make you a peculiar machine with sci-fi magic thriller The Prestige.  And then, owing to having tickets to an advanced preview, we give our thoughts on upcoming disaster spectacular Into The Storm. A man got sucked into a flaming tornado. It had what we needed…DOWNLOAD THE JT MOVIE PODCAST, EPISODE 62, NOW!

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They were definitely dead… but they came back to life!


Another week, another two films, another uncontrollable laughing fit that needs to be edited out of the podcast…First up this week it was a trip the cinema to see everyone’s favourite man-beast The Rock star as Hercules. But no ordinary Hercules, this is the film that debunks the myth by making the titular character less ‘son of a God’ and more ‘everyday Joe’. So I guess it is the ordinary Hercules. Like if Superman was just ‘Man’. Anyway, after that Jones’s knowledge of the aforementioned Dwayne Johnson is put to the test with 5 gruelling questions on the man formally known as Flex Kavana. Or was it Rip Bullwinkle? Or Shred Stevens? Then we move on THE VAULT. And this week its supernatural undead yakuza action horror fantasy nonsense Versus. So, find a clearing in a forest, watch the dead rise, kill them again, eat a heart, punch a hole clean through a man’s head, run away, come back, pay no attention to continuity or a structured narrative and achieve all of this on e budget of around 11p before DOWNLOADING THE JT MOVIE PODCAST, EPISODE 61, NOW!

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