What’s The Toon? It’s where the Geordies live!


This week on the JT Movie Podcast we’re looking at a film that tackles our national game – in our own backyard! Despite Taylorson being considerably below par, he joins Jones in front of the microphone to discuss the compelling Dallas Buyer’s Club and the disappointing RoboCop remake. Jones reviews little-known (ahem…) 1978 slasher Halloween and 2003 dramedy The Shape of Things. Through the fog of illness, Taylorson hacks out musings on 1968 crime classic Bullitt and the divisive fantasy yarn The Lady In The Water. But THE BULK of the podcast is dedicated to the 2005 footballing classic Goal! So, sneak across the border, mow a lawn, fly to England, get a chance, fail, get a chance, fail, get another chance, succeed, pass, pass, PASS!!, beat Full-Ham and a smash a free kick into the net from 35 yards before DOWNLOADING THE JT MOVIE PODCAST, EPISODE 36, NOW!

Click to listen via Libsyn, iTunes or Stitcher Radio!


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