Eye-poppin’ festive fun!


As Santa starts to fill his sack and ready the sleigh, dire festive film 2 of 3 is discussed.  *SPOILERS* Its terrible.  Really, really terrible.  It’s Black Christmas. Not original. The remake. The terrible, terrible remake. So, bake yourself a batch of flesh-cookies and hang another string of eyeballs on the Christmas tree. There’s also a Horrible Bosses 2 review and Jones finally learns where maple syrup comes from after all these years…

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And! ANNNNND! If you love terrible Christmas movies, check out our compadres who are joining us in reviewing 15 Days of Bad Christmas Movies:

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Dark Corners – www.youtube.com/LondonComedyWriters – Don’t Open ‘Til Christmas

If We Made It – ifwemadit.blogspot.com – Silent Night Deadly Night 2

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