‘You look like a woman, you stupid haggis!’


This week on the JT Movie Podcast, there can be only one. Well, 2 presenters. And 4 films to review. But, whatever. First up we discuss our favourite on-screen aliens. Then we return to the SHIELD Helicarrier for a positive review of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Next we discuss the bleak beauty of the astounding Under The Skin. Jones completes a trio of Scarlett Johansson films and continues to bolster his reputation as ‘resident pervert’ by talking about Don Jon. But THE BULK of the podcast is dedicated to the 1986 fantasy classic Highlander. So, sharpen your sword, don a filthy mac, put on your best Scottish French accent, don’t lose your head, run on a beach, accuse nuns of having no sense of humour, pop on your favourite villainous rock cassette and win ‘the prize’ before DOWNLOADING THE JT MOVIE PODCAST, EPISODE 43, NOW!

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The power of voodoo! Who do? You do!

labyrinth-1986-01-g copy1

This week the fantastical is a mere owl journey away.  First up is a review of the less than fantastical trapped in a boot film The Call. Then it’s on to quick reviews of smelly horror bollocks Reeker, French misery wallow I’ve Loved You So Long, dated railway slasher Terror Train and tower and heist film, Tower Heist.  But, THE BULK of the podcast is dedicated to the 1986 Jim Henson classic Labyrinth. So, un-owl, piss in a pond, avoid anus lake, befriend many a hairy monster and confront a crotch wielding made-up rock star before DOWNLOADING THE  JT MOVIE PODCAST, EPISODE 17, NOW!