The Awards 2014! It’s Chad Sexington et al!


It’s a new year. With new smells. And a chance to make all-new mistakes. But before that, lets look back at 2014 and hand out the awards that gets all of Hollywood hot under the Botox. Yes, the podcast that couldn’t be killed, either by cancer or apathy, hands out The JTs amidst a review of 2014. There’ll be tears, laughter, frustration and regret. Then we’ll start the podcast. It’s a show that will amuse and bemuse in equal measure, before leaving you wondering ‘Did Liz get the ironing finished?’

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World’s most pissed-off snow cone!


Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg! Its that time of the year again. Well, almost. And what better time of the year than Christmas time to watch and review a terrible movie? A terrible, terrible movie. But before we get to that, there’s a cat taking a dump in the litter tray, reviews of Interstellar, The Drop, The Imitation Game and Mockingjay. Plus a couple of documentaries and some worthy black n’ white thing that Taylorson slept through. There’s also a quiz! Because everyone loves hearing two other people take part in a quiz. Ahem. But THE BULK of the podcast is dedicated to the 1997 ultra-ultra-low budget bollocks Jack Frost. Be warned, its terrible. But we did laugh.

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And! ANNNNND! If you love terrible Christmas movies, check out our compdres who are joining us in reviewing 15 Days of Bad Christmas Movies:

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What is dead may never die…erm, whatever,…WE’RE BACK!


You thought they were gone. You were right. But now they’re back. Like a boomerang. Or an enthusiastic dog with a ball. Or that strange rash in a personal area. And in this episode, the chaps look back over the past few months and let you know what they’ve been watching. In between bouts of uncontrollable hysterics and asides about Gordon Kaye. And to round it off, a horror quiz! What more can the people want? This podcast never to have returned? Shut up, you.

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The JT Movie Podcast may have ended, but its spirit lives on! Kinda! One half of the JT is working hard on a new venture, a disaster movies podcast called ‘The Dog Never Dies!’ which you can find at as well as on Facebook and Twitter. If you’ve enjoyed the JT Movie Podcast, be a sport and give The Dog Never Dies! a follow 🙂

Time tooooooo say goooodbyyyyyye…

The Final Episode – At some point everything, everywhere ends. In a short finale, the chaps tie up a few loose ends by running through reviews of Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For, Lucy and One Day in September. And we bid all our listeners a fond farewell and many thanks for taking the time to listen in the first place. However, from the ashes of the JT Movie Podcast comes…something else. Mr Taylorson is returning; going solo. In a matter of days will come forth ‘The Dog Never Dies – The Disaster Movies Podcast’. A passionate celebration of on-screen catastrophe. Already on Twitter at @thedogneverdies and soon to Facebook and, of course, iTunes…

Sincere thanks to all our listeners and the friends we have made over the last year and a bit 🙂

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Liberty. Equality. Fraternity. And a fabulous acting dog!

Three_Reasons_RED_Still_original copy

This week on the JT Movie Podcast we’re crossing The Channel for a taste of the continent. First up though, there’s a discussion about movies that left us confused and bewildered. Speaking of which, we then review the Terry Gilliam film The Zero Theorem. Jones yet again ups the tone with his thoughts on Before Sunrise. Taylorson brings us back to earth with his take on Need For Speed. But THE BULK of the podcast is dedicated to the 1994 masterpiece Three Colours Red. So, rescue a dog, spy on your neighbours, use a dustbin to assist in observing infidelity, take a sip of pear brandy and reflect on how something significant is surely about to happen before DOWNLOADING THE JT MOVIE PODCAST, EPISODE 41, NOW!

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Courting hairs and a suicide furnace!


It’s a bumper episode of the JT Movie Podcast this week, as the running time edges nearly two hours! Hey, just more of us to love. First up, a review of the supposedly-not-a-sequel-but-it-really-kinda-is chiller Paranormal Activity:  The Marked Ones. There’s a look at terrible comedy one of two – This Is 40 -before an appraisal of ‘roided-up running documentary 9.79*. Cinema hits a new low with terrible comedy two of two – Management – before spirits are lifted with a review of Australian druggie drama/Terry Wogan biopic Little Fish. We once again delve into the 1970s disaster genre with Rollercoaster and then embrace a love for musicals and rock and roll with Rock of Ages. Phewf. But THE BULK (well, THE REST) of the podcast is dedicated to the 1997 identity-theft sci-fi drama thriller thing Gattaca. So, win a suicidal swimming race, elongate your shins, plot a route to Titan, offer Uma Thurman a hair, fill a fridge with blood and urine, exfoliate, then blast off into outer space before DOWNLOADING THE JT MOVIE PODCAST, EPISODE 31, NOW!

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